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Argon Gas: an inert gas inserted between the insulated glass panels to reduce the transfer of heat

Casement Window: a window with a single hinged sash that swings outward or to the side; usually opened with a crank

Casing: also called trim; molding or framing of any shape or size, on the inside or outside, that is applied to the window to cover the space between the jamb and the wall

Double Hung Window: a window with two operable sashes that slightly overlap and slide up and down in the frame

Energy Star: a special label that windows earn if they meet energy-efficiency requirements and are at least 40% more efficient than other products that fall under common building codes

Finish Casing:  the interior casing, or trim, boards around the window

Fixed window: a window that is non-venting and does not open, also known as a picture window

Grids/Grilles: the decorative bars that create a pattern on window glass, also known as muntins

Head: the top of the window

Hinge:  the operable joint that the window swings on

Insulated glass:  two or more glass panes with a sealed air space filled with a gas for insulation

Jamb:  the vertical sides that the windows are installed between

Krypton Gas: another inert gas inserted between the insulated glass panels of the window for insulation; more effective in smaller gaps

Latch: also called a lock; the piece that keeps the window shut

Low-E: a type of glass that has low emissivity which reduces heat transfer because of a thin film coating over the glass itself; during the summer the coating prevent heats from entering and during the winter it keeps heat in your home

Master Frame: the main structure that holds the sashes together

Replacement window: a window that is installed in an existing window opening, replacing the existing window; they are more energy and cost efficient

Sash: the frame that holds the glass

Sill: the horizontal bottom of the window frame

Sliding window: a style of window that can be opened by sliding the sashes vertically or horizontally; vertical sliders come in single or double hung

Tilt window: a style of window with a sash that can be tilted in for additional ventilation

Vinyl Window: a style of window made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is maintenance-free and an energy saver; they are often used as replacement windows

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