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Locally Made Vinyl Patio Doors

Improve the appearance of your existing patio door by replacing it with an updated one! Our Albuquerque vinyl sliding patio door company can design, manufacture, and install the perfect sliding patio door for your home. All of our doors are completely customizable and can fit any type of existing look and feel.

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Jazz® Patio Door

  • Features
    • 5 5/8 all PVC multichamber profiles
    • Extruded-on nailing fin, full 4 9/16″ behind fin
    • Welded or mechanically fasten frame
    • Anodized aluminum threshold
    • Double continuous weatherstrips
    • With or without nailing fin
    • Interior glazing for easy glass replacement
    • Strong interlocking at the meeting rail area
  • Options
    • White or Beige color
    • Interior brass handle
    • Key Lock
    • Foot Lock
    • Brick mould with aluminum still extension
    • Sidelites and transoms available
  • Screen
    • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen
    • Miter cut corner
    • Four adjustable rollers
    • Black fiberglass screen mesh
  • Glass
    • Clear
    • Low-E
    • Georgian (contoured) grids
    • Other glass types available
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The Opera Sliding Door

The Opera sliding patio door harmonizes easy installation and adjustment, smooth operation, weather tightness, energy efficiency, and durability. We have tuned up these features into this unique economical design. You can now orchestrate your projects with peace of mind.

    • All PVC welded 4⅝” multi-cavities frame
    • Dual durometer glazing stops
    • Dual weatherstrips at meeting rail
    • Continuous weather-stripping system
    • 7/8″ insulated tempered glass unit
    • Multi-point lock
    • Fully reversible installation
    • Double tandem adjustable nylon rollers
    • Anodized aluminum rails
    • A beautiful bevel look on exterior panels
    • Glass riser on fixed panel to use common sized glass and create an even sight line
    • Extruded aluminum screen
    • Two galvanized steel stiffeners at meeting rail
    • One aluminum stiffener at pull rail
    • With or without nailing fin
    • Solar Ban 70XL Low-Glass with argon, tempered
    • Colors: white or beige
    • Options: grills, transoms and sidelights available
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Patio Dog Doors

Your home is shared by your four-legged furry friends, too. Installing a dog door is the perfect way to give your pet the ability to run freely in and out of when they feel the need to get outside. Our Albuquerque vinyl door company can design, manufacture and install a vinyl patio door with a doggie door that fits your pet.

Pets come in all different sizes and shapes, so their gateway to the outside world should, too! For that reason, you have the option to customize your patio dog door to meet their measurements while maintaining the attractiveness of your home.

  • Measurements specific to your animals to ensure they are able to pass through comfortably
  • Weather stripping to protect your home from the New Mexico climate
  • A beveled look for enhanced appearance
  • White or beige finish to match the overall look and feel of your home
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